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World Dumpling festival takes place in Izhevsk

1-9 February 2019 the annual World Dumpling Festival took place in the Udmurt Republic.

A concert program was organized for Izhevsk residents and its guests. Everybody could watch the World Dumpling Festival live from different parts of the world, where they celebrate it together with the Udmurt Republic. On the central square in Izhevsk, people took part in contests and sweepstakes, as well as in the Republican dance flashmob “Dance while you are young”, they could buy decorative arts and crafts, and, most importantly, try dumplings from various countries and the most original types of them during the "International Dumplings Event". The head of the city of Izhevsk Oleg Bekmemetev also took part in the festive events.

Culinary and creative workshops, contests, Udmurt amusements, sports competitions, folk festival, fair-sale of culinary products, arts and crafts were held on the central square as a part of the World Dumpling Festival.


The World Dumpling festival has been held annually since 2015 as a part of brand development “Udmurtia – the motherland of dumplings!”. The festival is aimed for developing a positive image of the region, recognizing the republic beyond its borders, and promoting the Udmurt national culture.

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