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About 1,500 participants will arrive in Izhevsk for the Second International Paradelphic Games

On November 7, at an expanded meeting of the standing committee of the City Council of Izhevsk on social policy, Natalia Krel, Executive Director of the National Paradelphic Committee of Russia, told deputies about the upcoming Second International Paradelphic Games, which will be held in the capital of Udmurt Republic from 11 to 17 November.

“The inclusive competitions of people with special needs in the field of the highest achievements in art do not only provide an opportunity for the sociocultural rehabilitation of disabled people but also make it possible to develop an urban area. We deliberately did not choose those regions where the infrastructure for people with limited mobility is created, but we chose Izhevsk because it is the place where they need our efforts to promote an accessible environment,” said Natalia Krel.

About 1,500 people from 52 Russian regions and 26 countries of the world will arrive in the capital of Udmurt Republic. Exhibitions, concerts, seminars, performances, training, master classes, music rooms, and other events are prepared for the participants of the Games, as well as residents of other cities and regions of the Republic. You can visit them by invitation cards, which are distributed free of charge through municipalities and public organizations of people with disabilities. Within the framework of the Second International Paradelphic Games, an extensive business program is also planned.

The opening of the Games will take place on November 12 at 3 pm in the State Circus of Udmurt Republic. The final ceremonies will be held on November 16 at several venues at once: at 3 pm in the Metallurg Palace of Culture and the State Opera and Ballet Theater of the Udmurt Republic, at 6 pm a flash mob will be held in the Central Square, uniting all participants, spectators, and guests of the festival, and it will end with colorful fireworks.

Dmitry Chistyakov, Acting Deputy Head of Administration of Izhevsk on social policy, said: “Preparations for the Games are coming to the final stage. The improvements are being completed near the sites where the main events will take place. The urban environment in Izhevsk has become more accessible for people with limited mobility. In the implementation of such a large-scale and unique project, all theaters, museums and exhibition centers are involved. We hope that the Games will be visited by about 20.000 residents of Izhevsk and the Udmurt Republic. ”

The Deputy Chairman of the Izhevsk City Duma, the Chairman of the Permanent Committee of the City Duma on Social Policy, Fania Fedorova, offered the deputies to involve citizens in these events. She noted that thanks to the Games, Izhevsk, and its inhabitants will receive a unique inclusive experience and that the infrastructure for people with limited mobility, which was created during the preparation period, will remain in the city and will develop.


The National Paradelphic Committee of Russia chose the Udmurt Republic as the venue for the Second International Paradelphic Games. In 2018, the project “Second International Paradelphic Games” has become the largest recipient of the Presidential grant.

Paradelphic games are special creative competitions in the field of culture and art, in which people with disabilities above 18 years of age take part (visually impaired, hearing impaired, with the defeat of the musculoskeletal system, people with disabilities due to mental diseases, etc.).The performances of the participants will be held in 8 nominations: visual arts, audiovisual art, theatrical art, musical art, choreographic art, literature, signing songs and circus art.

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