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About the events in the framework of the city «Red festival 2016».

In Izhevsk from the 9th to 18th of September 2016 in the framework of the city festival there will be held festive events.

«Originally, the «Red Festival» was made within the framework of the idea that the Udmurts are the reddest nation in the world. From year to year the festival expands and holds new events. Steadily it becomes a cultural brand of the city of Izhevsk», – said the Deputy Head of Izhevsk on social policy of the city Administration, Mikhail Tarasov.

The Red Festival is held in Izhevsk from 2004. It is directed to the creation of a new cultural image of the city, development of intercultural and multinational cooperation, dialogue and partnership between city communities and national and cultural organizations. The project became popular among the representatives from all nations living in Izhevsk and the Udmurt Republic. Today the participants of the «Red Festival» come together with their families from different districts of the Republic and neighboring regions.

Flowers Holiday.

The chain of city’s events will be opened by the «Flowers Holiday» on the 9th of September. The event will finish the competition «Izhevsk is a blossoming city». Every year dozens of working staff and organizations, management companies, collectives of municipal institutions of the city take part in this colorful event. Thousands of flowers made by skillful hands of florists are becoming original compositions of flowers and voluminous figures, decorative panels and pictures. As Ekaterina Konovalova, the Head of the Department of culture and tourism of the Izhevsk city Administration, said «This year the «Flowers Festival» will be devoted to the movie theme. Citizens of Izhevsk will be able to meet with the characters of their favorite movies and cartoons. Each district of the city will present their compositions of flowers and the places decorated in accordance with the theme of the Festival. Moreover, all citizens will be able to buy saplings of plants and flowers on the festive horticultural fair».

New place for holding the «The Flowers Holiday» was chosen in 2016 – The Victory Square. Grand opening of the Festival will be held in 15.00.


For more information call 41-41-63, Department of International, Regional Relations and Protocol Administration of Izhevsk

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