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20-23 May 2015 – Izhevsk hosts the 2nd All-Russian Forum of Live Cities

The 2nd All-Russian Forum of Live Cities took place in Izhevsk from 20th till 23rd May, 2015. During this event participants discussed issues of integral city development.

The Forum organizing committee was headed by the Chairman of the Udmurt Republic government V.A. Savelyev, the secretary of the Russian Federation Public Chamber A.V. Brechalov.

The 2nd All-Russian Forum of Live Cities was opened on May 20 in the assembly hall of the Udmurt Republic State Council. An event “Round-the-world or 360° of the city” as well as the meeting with the famous TV journalist Vladimir Pozner was organized in the specially equipped tent on the Central Square. On the second day of the forum, May 21, inhabitants of Izhevsk took part in the open workshops and lectures based in the tent.

The preliminary overall results were summarized during the press conference that was held at the exhibition center “Galereya” on May 21. The Head of the city Alexander Ushakov, the chairman of the forum program committee, the member of the Public Chamber of Izhevsk Lev Gordon, the chairman of the Public Chamber of Izhevsk Lyudmila Gulyashinova, the deputy chairman of the Public Chamber of Izhevsk Sergey Zaichikov, the member of the Public Chamber of Izhevsk Sergey Butorin, the co-chairman of board of the ARGO City Development Foundation Oleg Vylegzhanin, forum experts addressed journalists. Participants of the event shared their impressions of the 2nd All-Russian Forum of Live Cities, discussed the most promising city development projects which were presented at the forum, answered journalists’ questions.

In the evening of May 21 the presentation of Nobel Award finalists took place. Ten best city projects from all over the country strived to receive public recognition as well as a 100,000 prize. Such projects as “Micropolis” (city of Oktyabrsk), “Ferrum Fest” (city of Izhevsk), “Forward-looking Cities Association” (city of Zarechny), “Forest Arbat” (Kemerovo), “Conductor” (Kostroma), “Let’s Go to Walk!” (Izhevsk), “As Easy as Old Tilly” (Kostroma), “Samara for Dummies” (Samara), “City Portal” (Yakutsk), “Bibliotika” (Izhevsk) participated in the competition.

In the category “For achieving success in city development through joining efforts of businesses, authorities and community” the winner is the project “Conductor” (Kostroma). The winner of the category “To the best municipality for raising effectiveness” became the project “Forward-looking Cities Association” (city of Zarechny). The best project in the category “For successful projects on city spaces renovation” was pronounced the one of “Ferrum Fest” (city of Izhevsk). The absolute winner of the competition in the category “For the best city replicated projects” was declared by the Head of the city of Izhevsk Alexander Ushakov. It became Yury Rychkov from the city of Oktyabrsk presenting his project “Micropolis” aimed at transformation of city environment.

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