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New Year festival “It is warmer together – 2015”

New Year is the most heartwarming and beloved holiday. Each person is waiting for the year that comes hoping for his or her dearest hopes to come true.

During the New Year celebrations we acutely feel warmth while communicating with each other. This is the only time in the year when we are counting from one to twelve altogether without any uneasiness, when we congratulate each other and trying to be with relatives and friends because “It is warmer together!”.

“It is warmer together!” is a motto under which a city New Year festival is organized in Izhevsk for the third time. The principle event of this festival is a Charity fair.

It has several stages. In November and December Izhevsk citizens are knitting New Year toys and souvenirs and bringing them to the point of collection in the “Gallery” exhibition centre. During holidays all souvenirs will become available for buying at the charity spots in the trade centers of the city. Auctions will be organized as well. Collected money will go to the charity foundation that will direct all funds to the kindergarten for visually impaired children. Thegoalistoget 350000 rubles.

In 2012 about 30 000 rubles were collected and directed to the Social and rehabilitation centre for minors. The next year 130 000 rubles were collected and then spent to purchase equipment for children’s hospice.

Along with the Charity fair the whole variety of cultural events are included into the rich program of the festival. Among them there are various thematic performances that will take place at different city grounds; New Year dance party; Christmas celebrations; etc.

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