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New Year 2014 in Izhevsk

These days Izhevsk is preparing for the New Year celebrations.

This holiday is one of the most favorite ones among residents. It fills the city with the specific atmosphere of coming miracles, and it goes without saying that various decorations and events are really helpful in terms of creation of such atmosphere.

For the second time in succession the New Year Festival is going in Izhevsk under the motto “It is warmer together!”(http://www.fest.izh.ru/).

The core idea is described in the motto itself, and in practice it means that everything connected with the New Year will be knitted. Various billboards, other advertising panels will be covered by the warm texture. Principle monuments of the city are already decorated by knitted scarfs and accessorizes. A bus and a trolley with knitted elements in the inner design are running across the city.

The festive conception also presupposes that only together we can make our city warmer that means active involvement of all residents into variety of festive events including contests on knitting and crocheting, knitted fashion shows, warm fair in the Central Square, workshops on knitting, etc.

Izhevsk is ready for the coming New Year 2014 that is expected to be really warm taking into account the way it will be met in Izhevsk.

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