Till the beginning of the 20th century Izhevsk experienced actual lack of public transport with the only exception – steamship communication across the Izh pond.

Bus became the first type of modern public transport in the city, tram appeared later, and after that – trolleybus.

Modern Izhevsk has a highly developed system of public transportation and transport communication.

According to indices of density of passenger traffic electric transport occupies the first position in Izhevsk; the second popular types of transport are buses and water transport.

Besides that, railway and air transport are also available for Izhevsk citizens.

The Gorkovskaya Railway (Gorky Railway)

Length - 11854.59 km.

Extent of principle lines – 8013.31 km.

Currently five regional centers are parts of the railroad – Muromsky, Gorkovsky, Kirovsky, Kazansky, Izhevsky.

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Address: 4 Gagarina st., Izhevsk, 426028, Udmurt Republic

Phone: +7 3412 49-33-56, 49-23-00, 49-28-91

Izhevsk railway station

Izhevsk airport (IzhAvia JSC)

IzhAvia rout network includes 15 regular flights and 12 charter flights.

Today it is presented:

- in the European part of Russia from Saint Petersburg to Sochi and Anapa;

- in the north – to Kamenny cape and Yakutsk;

-in the east – to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Khabarovsk and Blagoveshchensk.

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Address: Izhevsk airport, Izhevsk, 426015, Udmurt Republic

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